This letter is to introduce the band called
JALL AUX YEUX [ʒʌlɔzjəː], their work and plans.


To whom it may concern,
This letter is to introduce the band called JALL AUX YEUX [ʒʌlɔzjəː], their work and plans.

JALL AUX YEUX is a francophone band from Bihać – Bosnia and Herzegovina. We create original music in French and consist of musicians of various profiles, literature and language teachers, professional musicians... who are bonded together through creativity and love for the music. Band members had already been members of different music groups and collectives who performed diverse musical genres for many years, and by the beginning of 2016 we came together with an idea of making a band which would create original music.

The music, lyrics and arrangements are all original work of group members. The lyrics lean on the works of French literary classics, but also talk about love, personal relations, social topics etc. The music is an amalgam of various influences which every particular band members brings from his own personal musical background and they include: pop/rock, indie, folk, punk, dance, jazz... The musical mixture of genres provide this band with a unique charm which is at a particular moment vintage but then again contemporary, melancholic but straight forward too, emotional but jovial...

Adnan Suljanović

Sanel Kabiljagić

Mirzah Piralić

Jure Petrović

Jasmin Hadžisadiković

Marko Ivaniš

Elvedin Malkoč



14 Mar. Split Croatia Circus (Monty Python)
21 Mar. Osijek Croatia Club Exit
23 Mar. Rijeka Croatia Cafe Tunel
24 Mar. Zagreb Croatia Jazz & Cabaret club Kontesa
09. Jul. Murter Croatia Beach bar "LANTANA" Čigrađa (Festival Slobodne Glazbe)


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